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Eintrag Sechs "Rutschige Piste"

Is it ok to feel this sensation of emptiness in the body, a lack of warmth? For hours now I have stared at the wall on the opposite side of the room mumbling incoherently, crying, and screaming in fear. The thoughts have lingered in my mind long enough, growing as I come to realizations. I wonder even then whether or not I’ve fucked my head up beyond comprehension if this is even real. My thoughts are no longer straight, much less human, I have the entirety of history at the whim of my fingers yet I have no idea what to do with this knowledge. I have memories of the past, present, and future memories as far as the eye can see rolling over into the horizons of the voided world.  I fear to leave this room because I wonder if I will be opening the door to my world or one of the infinite realities I witnessed. The sensation is racking my pain-filled body, as I get up turning to look at the door thoughts and words flashing before me as I limp forwards. I see shadows everywhere now, taun

Rekord Gebrochen

Ringing fills my ears as I look around me my vision hazed by smoke and blood. I pull myself up pain striking my right side as I peer down to see a shard of metal jabbed into my side. Painfully, I crawl along the crushed asphalt under me, dragging my own body onto a nearby pile of rubble. Silence finally fills the air, and the world is empty. What do you think hell is like, is it a place we all go to or is it a creation of our own minds designed with eternal self-torture in mind? 2084.  The date pounds in my head over and over, numbers flashing in my vision and suddenly I realize who I am, here in this place. Alexi is my name… not Jacob. I understand the number: a year. The pain subsides slightly at the realization but even then the incessant pounding doesn’t stop. UFoA. I’ve never heard of that before but it seems so familiar, almost like this is the present. Is now even now? Amsterdam. Mistakes. Another thought, a machine of colossal magnitude, deep underground hidden

Gefallene Welt

The world in a state I couldn’t explain continued to haunt me. Dates I couldn’t explain were rushing through my head and I felt like I was losing my grip on reality. Dreams. 2019. These weren’t dreams they were memories I had never had, memories that didn’t belong to me. The sleep was bittersweet in the scope and shadow cast by this somber world I now had laid my eyes on. Wrong. 2021. The sky is stained with the blood of a million souls oh so red, the ground is shaking ever so slightly every other minute as I run through the streets of the once-great metropolis of Los Angeles. Sirens drone on constantly giving way to a new kind of maniacal silence, broken every now and then by the sounds of explosions, gunshots, screams piercing the already warm wound from which this red sky was born. I run for as long as I can, fear in my chest boiling up my throat, heart pounding as I round a corner gasping for breath. A familiar man faces me from atop a pile of rubble and gore, bloo

Vista d'argento

Since yesterday things have been terrible, I’m not sure what’s going on anymore. I want to open the letter I received but deep down I’m compelled not to do so. I barely slept last night out of fear, because I don’t think I am safe where I currently am. Paranoia has never been something I myself suffer from but even on campus I’m constantly turning to watch my back, like some crazy person… Out of the corner of my eye I see that hooded figure again and again, he calls out to me, mentally that is. A ravaging burning feeling is growing in me, filled with mental pain and tears I can’t hold back anymore the compulsions of death. The mass of shadows engulf me in my sleepless nights and by day I’m showered in innocent rays of light as if nothing has happened. I like the darkness oh so much now, but no I’m not becoming what I think I am? I remember this place in Birmingham that’s all wet and dark, maybe underground from my past. I’m unsure how to describe it but I’m remembering it in

Eniro Kvin "Ĉirkaŭ en Rondoj"

So the Circlenet section of the Conglomerate website just breached recently and info just spilled out like liquid goal, I was scooping it up like it was priceless materials. I was going to post it on here last night but then… things happened. A rush of things happened over the past 24 hours that more or less changed the playing field for me.  I basically ran out of the house blood oozing from the side of my head, but wait I owe an explanation. I haven’t gone to the police yet, I don’t think I can explain this without basically fucking myself over somehow. Someone came into my house (I’ve been staying in a guest house) last night, and pretty much assaulted me. He (or she?) was wearing a ski mask, hood, black gloves, and came up behind grabbed me and whispered, “Hey buddy, nice talking and all but we’ve gotta cut things short.” . I obviously fought back, but he grabbed a chair and just tossed it at me with a force I’ve never seen before. I flew back from the impact and everything

Eintrag Vier "Syndikat"

New lead, some account called NovumSyndicate followed me on Twitter and just started laying information out like crazy I was just overwhelmed by it all. They must be connected to this going way back with the kind of stuff they know, but in spite of all that they came off as super weird. Almost… cultish . I got better sleep but with such a crazy lead I’m not sure I’ll be following doctor’s orders to the T. What harm will a little lack of sleep do me now that I’m better? If y’all have any question do message me on here, I’ll gladly answer as many questions as I can. Hopefully, this new lead yields some good information… even if they seem so… familiar in a weird kind of way.

Entry 3: Doctor Visit

I tried sleeping more ever since the last entry here, but as you can tell from the title things obviously haven’t been going very much in my direction. I ended up going to the doctor because the amount of sleep I was losing and the amount of anxiety building up in me was untenable, I was seriously hurting myself. I had tried drugging myself to sleep at one point but even that wasn’t doing much and well that’s when I decided I had to go to the doctor for this. As you know lack of sleep brings hallucinations along with it and I’ve been seeing things out of the corners of my eyes and that’s just annoying so I’m doing what’s best. Doc said just give things in life a break, maybe refrain from going out late with friends all the usual you’d hear (obviously didn’t tell him about the investigation). A lot has happened in two months and he may be right, I need to lay things off, anyways laying low wouldn’t hurt all too much. This last week was super overexerting so chances are I won’t be posti

Sarrera Bi

After some thought I’ve decided to start posting content on here instead of the Medium account I had set up, I removed the posts there and since they had little to no content on them it shouldn’t matter all that much. Hopefully, everyone appreciates the changes.  I have reason to believe Conglomerate has some sort of online database carelessly unprotected somewhere. I’ve relentlessly combed their website but I can’t seem to find it no matter where I look, although it just may be hidden behind their password locked section and if that’s the case I’ve hit a wall I can’t pass, at least not now. My source gave me a lead to some documents that could definitely back me up here and definitely in court assuming I take it that far. Conglomerate interactions and activity online have slowed down meaning I’m definitely no longer in the dark, I’ve got to proceed with more caution from now on. In other news (and unsurprisingly) I think this investigation may be negatively affecting my life