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The Gardener (IV)

Understanding everything that led up to this, that one unfortunate day in the year 2084 that started this entire nightmare. It’s crazy to think one mistake led to an eons long battle for control of a single life, a single person's soul. The Void was found by mistake, by me, Alexi Mattersol lead scientist and captain of the FSS Rising Phoenix, an American Federation research vessel in orbit around the dying globe we call home. I graduated from MIT with more than one degree in more than one experimental field, and in 2078 I joined the Federation Armed Forces. The Sino-American War has been raging since 2075, and cost my family their lives when the Bombardment of California began. I joined to help advance experimental Federation weapons. In 2082 the Berlin Ceasefire was agreed to, and well frankly my divisions research became useless. There was an understanding that underlying dimensions were now out of grasp, but we never got to the point where we could open rifts. April 22nd, 2

Acta Mea (Vol. I)

Acta Mea  Risen like the phoenix,  from the ashes of the fire, You will never win, it isn’t your destiny. I stand on the ethereal planes of the universe, the floor rippling as I step forward, blood dripping from my cold, naked body. I look up, glaring at the vast open stars, a collage of colors and beauty like I have never seen before. I fall to my knees, a gentle breeze passing over me filling me with a warm sense of joy, an emotion that I haven’t felt in ages. Above me stands a pure being, a g od . With a hand extended out to me, He smiles endearingly and I wonder, what is… this? As I take His hand I am overcome with comfort, love, and care . I started crying and the being looked back at me picking me up by the waist placing me on His shoulder and laughing kindly before speaking, with a voice so full, commanding, all the while being sweet as sweet could be. “Child, do not fret. Do not cry, you no longer dream of endless pains and death. You served a life long enough,