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Why I'm Writing, 4/30/18

This blog was something I initially had planned to use for largely inconsequential content unrelated to anything going on at the moment. For a few weeks now things have seemed off, or perhaps unexplainable, even in the context of our own strange world. Climate change is ravaging the planet, nations are on the verge of war, but there was something more to all of it. The public reasoning behind some of these crises was not easily shrugged off by some. I decided to shift the focus of this blog to something entirely new as a result of that. What was once a film behind-the-scenes idea has actually become more of documentation in words.  Exilia Dynamics is a leader in just about every field you don't know about, you would never have actually heard about them unless you were interested in those fields. Just about the closest you can get to them in terms of widespread public information is their services in private security and arms development, and the latter half of that is shadowed in m