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Gratias Tibi

Thank you for those who stuck through for the whole 3 years. If you’re reading this you are one of the very few people who made it to the very end! Congrats! And don’t worry this is THE END, if themes resurface in some far off universe then you can look back at this story and thank it for the inspiration but the story of Mors Novum is finally at peace, just as Jon, Syndicate, and Umbra Inanis finally are. They all fought hard to get to this place, their resting place. I left things unexplained for a reason, I want the world to be mysterious and left open to theories by those who made it here. I left Gardener’s fate open because he wasn’t a part of Jon, maybe Gardener will live the Cycle as Jon did? The Fracture was never closed, it could very well plague other worlds someday. Why didn’t we see Syndicate die? I will actually explain this. Syndicate and Jon finally fought in earlier chapters. I skipped over such a large gap on purpose. Syndie meets his fate at Jon’s hands but lives as a


My eyes part slowly, my head is throbbing, and my limbs hurt. All around me is an endless, infinite void… yet it isn’t “the void” I came to hate with all my being. This realm was filled with calm and serenity, a sense of something I hadn’t felt in years… “home”. Distant laughter could be heard as I floated aimlessly through the space around me, dragged along by some invisible force. Colors stained the darkness around me, flashes and strings of every color imaginable, lightning striking some distant point off in the horizon. Slowly I came to a halt as my feet landed on an invisible surface, which brought yet another sensation to me. A jolting pain struck my body as I collapsed grasping my side, realizing that I was bleeding. The pain was one of the few things worth feeling anymore, and even that was questionable as no amount of pain had ever brought me close to death. Vision blurred I stumbled up to my feet huffing lightly as I looked forward seeing a distant light shining brightly.