Gratias Tibi

Thank you for those who stuck through for the whole 3 years. If you’re reading this you are one of the very few people who made it to the very end! Congrats! And don’t worry this is THE END, if themes resurface in some far off universe then you can look back at this story and thank it for the inspiration but the story of Mors Novum is finally at peace, just as Jon, Syndicate, and Umbra Inanis finally are. They all fought hard to get to this place, their resting place. I left things unexplained for a reason, I want the world to be mysterious and left open to theories by those who made it here. I left Gardener’s fate open because he wasn’t a part of Jon, maybe Gardener will live the Cycle as Jon did? The Fracture was never closed, it could very well plague other worlds someday. Why didn’t we see Syndicate die? I will actually explain this. Syndicate and Jon finally fought in earlier chapters. I skipped over such a large gap on purpose. Syndie meets his fate at Jon’s hands but lives as always, however, Syndie finally conglomerates with Umbra Inanis. Syndie couldn’t keep regenerating forever after all. What about the Circle Conglomerate? That’s up to you to decide. What about the other dimensions that were razed and twisted by Syndie? I dunno you guess what happens next for those people. What about Subject 241? Maybe he/she lives in some far off-world, and they didn’t become plagued by void sickness.

I leave the world to you now. It’s your world to make stories up for in your own head. After this point, whatever you want to believe is yours to believe. I have finally set the children to rest and expended the last of my will on these worlds. I have other projects and plans to attend to now.


Father of the Unnamed ;D


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