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Months have passed since I last posted on update on this blog, and I doubt anyone even cares anymore or even believes my experiences but if they do then well here is the closure you might want. It is after all the closure that I need. I obviously failed in trying to off myself in a proper way only wounding myself and Syndicate severely, but not enough to actually bring about his death, and mine along with him. He faded briefly weakened by the reality of his body dissipating with the lack of future me, but he stuck around. In these past months, I ended up becoming significantly more sick from Void exposure and well at this point I’d guess I’m halfway to becoming what Syndicate wanted me to become in the first place… him.  With my newfound affinity for manipulation of realities, I’ve had a fantastic opportunity to visit so many places. There is so much beauty that the average person could never understand, and equally, there is just as much darkness and horrifying things lurking out