Entry 3: Doctor Visit

I tried sleeping more ever since the last entry here, but as you can tell from the title things obviously haven’t been going very much in my direction. I ended up going to the doctor because the amount of sleep I was losing and the amount of anxiety building up in me was untenable, I was seriously hurting myself. I had tried drugging myself to sleep at one point but even that wasn’t doing much and well that’s when I decided I had to go to the doctor for this. As you know lack of sleep brings hallucinations along with it and I’ve been seeing things out of the corners of my eyes and that’s just annoying so I’m doing what’s best. Doc said just give things in life a break, maybe refrain from going out late with friends all the usual you’d hear (obviously didn’t tell him about the investigation). A lot has happened in two months and he may be right, I need to lay things off, anyways laying low wouldn’t hurt all too much. This last week was super overexerting so chances are I won’t be posting on here for as long as I can refrain from it. 

Before I go just wanted to put in a little thought, about being back in Birmingham. It’s kinda funny I remembered as a kid my dad said he’d take me hiking and given I didn’t spend much time with him I got super excited and didn’t sleep that night. I passed out halfway through the hike from exhaustion and he carried me all the way back to the car as I was fast asleep. Is being back here a coincidence… you know the reason I left was that my dad… died. He passed away in 2016, I thought if I ran away the pain would go away faster, but maybe I was wrong. 

What if I was just a coward for doing that...


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