Vista d'argento

Since yesterday things have been terrible, I’m not sure what’s going on anymore. I want to open the letter I received but deep down I’m compelled not to do so. I barely slept last night out of fear, because I don’t think I am safe where I currently am. Paranoia has never been something I myself suffer from but even on campus I’m constantly turning to watch my back, like some crazy person…

Out of the corner of my eye I see that hooded figure again and again, he calls out to me, mentally that is. A ravaging burning feeling is growing in me, filled with mental pain and tears I can’t hold back anymore the compulsions of death. The mass of shadows engulf me in my sleepless nights and by day I’m showered in innocent rays of light as if nothing has happened. I like the darkness oh so much now, but no I’m not becoming what I think I am?

I remember this place in Birmingham that’s all wet and dark, maybe underground from my past. I’m unsure how to describe it but I’m remembering it in the present tense. I got to researching what it may be, but not much useful stuff comes up just mandela effect and other conspiracy bullshit. Am I remembering what hasn’t happened?


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