Gefallene Welt

The world in a state I couldn’t explain continued to haunt me. Dates I couldn’t explain were rushing through my head and I felt like I was losing my grip on reality.

Dreams. 2019.

These weren’t dreams they were memories I had never had, memories that didn’t belong to me. The sleep was bittersweet in the scope and shadow cast by this somber world I now had laid my eyes on.

Wrong. 2021.

The sky is stained with the blood of a million souls oh so red, the ground is shaking ever so slightly every other minute as I run through the streets of the once-great metropolis of Los Angeles. Sirens drone on constantly giving way to a new kind of maniacal silence, broken every now and then by the sounds of explosions, gunshots, screams piercing the already warm wound from which this red sky was born. I run for as long as I can, fear in my chest boiling up my throat, heart pounding as I round a corner gasping for breath. A familiar man faces me from atop a pile of rubble and gore, blood staining the mishmash of concrete and mangled steel bar. The man in the ski mask, Syndicate, stares at me the red of the sky glinting off the lens of his mask splattering onto the ground around me. A shadow envelopes his body ravaging every last bit of good that once made him who he was before, now a machine perfected in the image of demonic gods. I know what we are.

Death. 2027

The sky is tainted in blood, and the sun is like a lance slicing through my soul ever so slowly giving me the sweet release of death, at the pace of a fucking snail. It stares down in anger, and cruel darkness snarling with hatred at the sight of a good soul. How can the world be so dark if the sun is so bright? My ears are bleeding, the monotonous tone of the sirens tearing away at my tattered skin and exposed flesh. I’m crying in corners and alleyways because I know this isn’t my world this is some sick apparition meant to drive me over the edge into the insanity I was destined to achieve by some higher power. Bodies litter the street around me… men, women, children… I wish I could have done something to save even one of them. I run down the highways strewn with cars, planes, tanks, and people… He stands at the end of the road laughing at me as the horizon glows with flames and emits toxic smokes from the ruins of the world.

A snap of a finger and I lurch over vomiting blood, tearing up as I scream a guttural cry of pain.


Against the horizon, I see a blinding light, as I cower back fearfully, a rush of wind rushing by me just before the blast hi-

Everything went black.


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