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After some thought I’ve decided to start posting content on here instead of the Medium account I had set up, I removed the posts there and since they had little to no content on them it shouldn’t matter all that much. Hopefully, everyone appreciates the changes. 

I have reason to believe Conglomerate has some sort of online database carelessly unprotected somewhere. I’ve relentlessly combed their website but I can’t seem to find it no matter where I look, although it just may be hidden behind their password locked section and if that’s the case I’ve hit a wall I can’t pass, at least not now. My source gave me a lead to some documents that could definitely back me up here and definitely in court assuming I take it that far. Conglomerate interactions and activity online have slowed down meaning I’m definitely no longer in the dark, I’ve got to proceed with more caution from now on.

In other news (and unsurprisingly) I think this investigation may be negatively affecting my lifestyle. I’ve been having trouble sleeping, and my anxiety has definitely ramped up but honestly who would not have predicted this. I completely crashed this past Tuesday after work, school, and this investigation just chewing me up all day. I need to be more careful on how I handle myself, I can’t be careless and let myself get lost into this whole debacle. Who’s going to believe a crazed sleep-deprived guy who’s not even much more beyond an amateur journalist. Sure World Events Live is a growing Twitter account but it doesn’t qualify me at all to have a voice. I need to get some sleep, and concentrate more on making a solid case that people will believe.


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