Eniro Kvin "Ĉirkaŭ en Rondoj"

So the Circlenet section of the Conglomerate website just breached recently and info just spilled out like liquid goal, I was scooping it up like it was priceless materials. I was going to post it on here last night but then… things happened. A rush of things happened over the past 24 hours that more or less changed the playing field for me. 

I basically ran out of the house blood oozing from the side of my head, but wait I owe an explanation. I haven’t gone to the police yet, I don’t think I can explain this without basically fucking myself over somehow. Someone came into my house (I’ve been staying in a guest house) last night, and pretty much assaulted me. He (or she?) was wearing a ski mask, hood, black gloves, and came up behind grabbed me and whispered, “Hey buddy, nice talking and all but we’ve gotta cut things short.”. I obviously fought back, but he grabbed a chair and just tossed it at me with a force I’ve never seen before. I flew back from the impact and everything around me was swirling and hazy, I’ve never felt fear like that before. I ran to my car, honestly, I’m not sure how I was able to drive and make it to the pier. I stumbled out and collapse, passed out for hours.

I’m terrified, what can of worms did I open. The pieces are coming together in my head and I’m honestly not sure how to explain it. Was that Syndicate… and why would they want me dead when moments before they claimed to be a friend. How’d they throw a chair like that? I’ve been throwing up and passing out all day.

I need help.


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