Rekord Gebrochen

Ringing fills my ears as I look around me my vision hazed by smoke and blood. I pull myself up pain striking my right side as I peer down to see a shard of metal jabbed into my side. Painfully, I crawl along the crushed asphalt under me, dragging my own body onto a nearby pile of rubble. Silence finally fills the air, and the world is empty. What do you think hell is like, is it a place we all go to or is it a creation of our own minds designed with eternal self-torture in mind?


The date pounds in my head over and over, numbers flashing in my vision and suddenly I realize who I am, here in this place. Alexi is my name… not Jacob. I understand the number: a year. The pain subsides slightly at the realization but even then the incessant pounding doesn’t stop. UFoA. I’ve never heard of that before but it seems so familiar, almost like this is the present. Is now even now?

Amsterdam. Mistakes.

Another thought, a machine of colossal magnitude, deep underground hidden from the world in plain side as it reaches for the sky piercing the clouds towards the heavens. A haven of technology and Golden Age had spread across the world with the discovery of a new world right outside our grasp. Global Warming would ravage our world reducing our numbers as the water rose higher and higher consuming the highlights of humanity in its wake. With this technology we thought we could change everything, the discovery of godhood made us ignorant. We tore through the barriers of space and opened a doorway to what we thought was heaven, but actually hell. Behemoth vessels were built that could rip open holes to this world, and use them to travel anywhere in an instant. With all technologies came mistakes, regardless of their use we always brought a new plague upon us with our advancements, we are a flawed species after all. But this made us gods, it made us… perfect.

August 22nd, 2084

The hum of a machine, the crackle of energy spiraling out of control. A distinct smell of fuel spilling, and the dizzying sensation of radiation slamming into my body. Is this normal? I haven’t ever felt these sensations but again these sensations aren't truly mine to begin with.

Everything has gone to hell, even as I write this on the shattered screen of my phone I am being tossed across space and time, jumping from body to body, world to world. I have seen every event in time, I have lived every event in time. I am constant. 

Who is he, what does he mean in the scope of this nightmarish purgatory? I remember him like I’ve always known him, this Syndicate. Perhaps, I have lost my grip on reality and even my own thoughts are drifting away into this void of darkness and memories never to be found again. I’m stuck, back and forth for eternity destined to relive every life I have ever had taunted by the fact that in the search for understanding I will never return to the safety of my home, my real home.

Can you read everything I have written or has it been in vain? Is anyone out there anymore? So much blood has been spilled on my hands, and it isn’t mine. I’m taking a small break.


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