Respite of Torment (II)

The world has bothered me with no end in sight, from the moment I was conceived in my mother's womb till now in the vast plains of this purgatory. I know am like a beggar, begging to the infinite realities for an end to this madness. I live like a puppet caught in someone else’s hand, captured and whirled in his powerful snare, fashioned from my earlier deeds, old and new. My past lives stick to me, pulling me down under overwhelming weight, dragging me along the harsh cold floor.

Have mercy for I am empty and there is no place to rest, no destination for me to arrive at. I aimlessly wander, homeless and without any meaning in my life. I beg, do not spin me like this any longer, I am weak and have lost my strength. My soul cries in anguish, like those who cried before the Solstice once many moons ago.

Who will take this grinding pain away from my frail body? On whom may I toss this heavy burden? No one will take this pain away from me, so in my lamentation, I call out to any deity who may be merciful enough to relieve me. Strike me down, run me over, whomever I speak to. Do this for me, the pitiful rotting corpse that I am, don’t ask me for gifts of happiness when I have no happiness to call my own…

Syndicate begs for compassion and understanding.


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